Papalotl Muyus
Papalotl Muyus is a responsive website for a short dance film focused on bringing awareness about immigration justice.
Outreach finder mock up


Skills / Area Of Focus
User Research
Experience Design
Visual Design
Roles & Responsibilities
UX Designer
Users & Audience
Artists & Community Organizers
Semillas Collective
6 Weeks

Scope & Constraints

Limited budget
Final film had not been finalized throughout the duration of this project.
Stakeholders are on opposite sides of the country


User needs to learn more about the Papalotl Muyus film because they would like to know about who made the film and why, to gain useful information they can share with the community so that the user can feel inspired to take action on immigration justice.


User Research
Affinity Mapping
Design Research
User Journey
Visual Design

Step 1 /

User interviews helped me understand my users needs

I did the user interviews on Zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions

I asked questions like: What platform do you use to watch the films, video? Why? Have you seen something recently that inspired you? If you see something about an issue that you feel strongly about what do you do? Can you break it down step by step?

I mapped my users answers to condense my research and figure out my user’s most pressing needs.

Most users commented on having more access to resources for community

Step 2 /

Based on my users answers I created two personas.

My two users have different goals and objectives. Artists wanted to be inspired to take action while community organizers are more interested in finding out more about the project and gaining access to useful information they can share.

Persona #1
Persona #2

Step 4 /
User Journey

I created a user journey that mapped my user  emotions.

I wanted to understand the emotion behind each step

Step 5 /

I asked users to arrange a set of cards and label each group on a miro board to help me understand my user's mental model


One thing I learned is that healing was had to be its own group. Users mentioned they didn’t know where to place healing so they placed it on its own group


Second thing I learned is that users are looking for more educational resources.


Another thing that I learned is that users are looking for more context about film. They placed film resources as a separate from other resources. When asked why? Users mentioned they need to know more context on the film making process

Step 6 /

Wireframes were created for Papalot Muyus desktop site. Users now have a place to watch the film, learn, more about it, get resources, get inspiration, take action

Users are curious to learn more about the film and the people behind it

Problem: Users want to learn more about film
Solution: An about page lets user know the story behind the film, the process and the people that created the film.

Users are inspired they would like to do something about immigration justice

Problem: Users are having a hard time finding ways they can help
Solution: Having a step by step guide of what they can do

Step 7 /

I recruited users through online communities and scheduled zoom calls with 5 participants to test the product using an Adobe XD prototype.

Task 1

Users were asked to share image to social media

Task 2

Users were asked to find a resource for mental health
font lora

Task 3

Users were asked to find the film credits


Outcomes & Lessons Learned

The website launched in conjunction with the film on Indigenous People’s Day October 12, 2021. Check out the website here:
The website helped the film land a place in film festivals like the MayDay Resistance Film Festival.
So far we have had 1k+ visits from the United States, UK, Ireland, Japan, Sweden, Mexico, China, India and Sri Lanka.
329 users clicked on the Act page
Act is the 3rd most viewed page

Learned to work with stakeholders remotely
Learned to design for other languages like Spanish
Learned to use no code tools like Webflow