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Skills / Area Of Focus
UI Design
Design System
Roles & Responsibilities
UI Designer
Users & Audience
Voracious readers
Open Road Integrated Media
2 Weeks


Data Analytics
Comparative Analysis
UI Design
Low fidelity design
High fidelity design
Design System
Style sheet

Scope & Constraints

  • I wasn’t allowed to reach out to users for research
  • Short deadline
  • Photoshop files had been used for the design.


    I was tasked by Project Manager and Content team to redesign the Early Bird Books homepage to help improve the engagement of the users coming to the landing page since, users are not entering the Early Bird Books website through the homepage.

    Step 1 /
    Data Analytics

    Data was pulled from homepage analytics to figure out why users are abandoning the landing page.

    I worked with the content team to pull out data analytics from the Early Bird Books landing page. Since I was asked NOT to approach users for user research so I mostly relied on data analytics from the website

    Early Bird Books' analytics

    I found out most traffic comes from google searches from other content pages. Most users are coming to the site through organic search

    Early Bird Books' drop off rates

    The drop off rates are significant due to the user not being able to explore content.

    Step 2 /
    Comparative Research

    Direct and Indirect competitors were studied to compare features and find ways to improve the Early Bird Books homepage.

    Slate.com has a hierarchy defined by color and font styles
    New York Magazine uses a four column layout to feature articles on their homepage

    Step 3 /
    Low Fidelity

    Initial wireframes are put together using the data from the site. Feedback  from the team was collected

    Step 4 /
    High Fidelity

    A high fidelity design was put together incorporating the feedback from the team.

    Step 5 /
    Design System

    A visual language was created to communicate the design to the team using the Atomic Design principles.

    01 Colors

    02 Typography


    font lora


    Montserrat font


    Montserrat tag

    03 Iconography

    04 Spacing

    05 Grids

    06 Buttons

    Check out the full design system on Zero Height

    Step 6 /
    Hand off

    I put together the design specifications, sent the design to the technology team and worked together with software developers to implement the design.


    Outcomes & Lessons learned

    • Worked with the software engineers to improve the design handoff process.
    • Created a design system.
    • Documented the design.
    • Delivered the design in a short deadline.