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I’m a product designer with more than 10 years of experience. I have worked in-house in the content marketing and publishing industries. Working with marketing teams has made me understand the importance of qualitative and quantitative research to create products that meet the ser needs. I’m skilled at creating visuals for websites,  working and communicating with diverse teams. I love learning about AI. I get excited about the future of user experience design in AI and AR/VR. In my next role I hope I can work in a company that values design.

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February 14, 2023

AR Business Card

I took a course with Girl Develop It on Augmented reality. I learned to use myWebAR and Sketchfab. Our instructor Raziq Brown taught us to add a QR code and create an AR Business Card. Hold your camera over the QR code to check out the experience.
February 14, 2023

I joined Techqueria for a presentation on Decolonizing Design

I was selected for Techqueria Hispanic Heritage Summit to speak about Decolonizing Design.
February 14, 2023

I recently facilitated a panel discussion for UX Cafecito @Techqueria

We had a great time talking about how to use our ancestral wisdom to empower our design careers. I was joined by Belem Medina, Izhar Buendia and Samantha Aquino.
February 14, 2023

Recently I was featured on Blossoming Technologist

I was recently on Blossoming Technologist talking about the inspiration behind my design process and how my ancestors helped me become a better designer. Thank you to Marisa Hoenig for having me over!
February 14, 2023

I won best design for Girl Develop It Hackathon

I had such an amazing experience at the Girl Develop It Virtual Hackathon. Thank you to Brenda Jin, Katie Nohe Franco for organizing this. I couldn't have asked for better team mates Morgan Jones, Julia Silver. We did a tarot card app and we won best design. Check it out: